SDH 2013

Super Duper Ham is the longest story I’ve worked on so far, and the more time I put into sorting out the details, the better it’s become. While I thought this was a good start, some broader elements contradicted how the story was still shaping up. For example, there shouldn’t...
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Blanco y Negro

Spanish Super-Rabbits! These pages were made to accompany a proposal for a comic series called Awesome and Oops and were published in the 2nd edition of Sketches and Streams in 2014.  

On The Promenade

This New York scene that isn’t what it first appears to be. Based on a scene written by Gary Shteyngart and acted in by Shteyngart and Paul Giamatti, I photographed the two men on location in May, 2011, and arranged my photographs into a sequence that became this short graphic...
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Flying Solo

A comic about wanting to make comics. This 32-page story was first published in 2009 and then collected in the book Sketches and Streams in 2012.