This was an evolving collage. It started as self-portrait for a 1996 photo assignment in college. I later digitally superimposed a photo of a statue of Don Quixote over my chest. This version can be found in Bits and Pieces #1. Ultimately, I combined the original collage with a drawing I made of Spiderman in 2012.

As I was designing my Martians for Martian Debut in 2010, I made this particular drawing while I was thinking about how to visualize the Martians nearly instantaneously traveling from one place to another. The pose made me think of Marvel’s Silver Surfer, so that’s what this image became.

I imagined that the metal surf board would, for a moment, become elastic and stretch from where the surfer is in space to wherever it is he means to go, creating a path around any obstacles. Upon his departure, while still anchored to its destination, the board would snap back into its original shape, its form traveling along the established path and pulling the surfer along with it. The surfer’s feet would remain fixed to the board and his reflexes would allow him to balance himself as he is pulled incredibly quickly, in any number of directions, through space as he approaches his destination.

This drawing was collaged with some panel art from Martian Debut in 2012.

I painted this sketch of the X-Man Nightcrawler in the late ‘90s. The jeep grill is panel art from my 2010 comic Martian Debut. The two were collaged together in 2012.

After 9/11, we were told to expect subsequent attacks. We were told on a daily basis just how safe we were supposed to feel. Even if the threat was not genuine, the tension and fear that political leaders and the media instilled in us, perhaps to make us feel dependent on them, wound us up every day. We were upset. We wanted to punch something, but there was nothing to hit, except for each other and ourselves.

Images of the towers falling, clouds of dust filling city streets became very familiar. Anything similar became provocative and taboo. As I thought about this and my need for an outlet to deal with my own anxiety, I thought about the Hulk in the middle of a sandstorm. What would he do? Would he try to fight it? Would he dig down deep enough to find refuge? Or would he leap so high and far that he would leave it all behind?