Sketches and Streams


For this project, I decided to adopt a formal writing process. I first developed an outline and then expanded my bullet points into paragraphs. While working on the design for my Martians, I worked with an editor, Liz Weintrob, to refine my prose which I planned to use as documentary-like narration for my 36-page comic.

I storyboarded the whole comic in a sketchbook, which I used as a guide to photograph models, props, rooms, cityscapes and any other reference I needed. Each element was drawn, inked and scanned into the computer separately. Panel layouts were made in Adobe Illustrator and panel art was put together using Photoshop.

Martian Debut was first self-published in 2010 and can be now read in its entirety as part of Sketches and Streams.

Martian Debut