Odds and Ends


The 1st edition of Cut and Pasted was self-published in 2011, the 2nd edition in 2014. Both shared a cover similar to this one, but their text elements were aligned to the left. When I revisited the cover for this post, I did some futzing for fun.  

The selection of artwork included in the first two editions was pretty similar, but the 1st edition utilized thick white margins, while the 2nd leveraged full-bleed layouts.

The 2021 3rd edition was 116 pages. This expanded selection of digital and handmade collages is arranged into sections related to my comics Momentos, Flying Solo, Super Duper Ham: Day One and Martian Debut.

I’m always looking for things to improve upon. For this cover, I reworked the title lockup and created the imagery using panel art from Martian Debut. That’s my nephew Henry as a baby. He really liked to be held and would start crying as soon as you put him down. I’m hoping to do another comic with him, now that he’s older. Maybe we’ll do a few before I’m done.