This 2011 collage incorporates various images left over from my college years.

The Gas Mask self-portrait was made for a photography class in 1995. The face in the lower righthand corner is a Holocaust Victim. I photographed my television screen while watching a documentary to create a series of images for another class assignment.

I found a photocopy of a photograph of Albert Einstein in the recycle bin at the University’s library. Using a light board, I traced the image to make a line drawing and then merged the two in Photoshop. The image of Don Quixote came from a photograph I took of the Cervantes Monument while visiting Madrid in 1998. My brother and I started that trip with our parents, and then we traveled around Europe for two weeks on our own using money we inherited from our grandparents.

When I finished this collage, I thought of the two figures as brothers, similar but different. Close, but cut off from each other because of insecurity, pride and the resulting lack of communication. This might reflect how I saw myself and my relationship with my own brother back then, but it certainly is not how I see it now. Over the years, we’ve both done the work and our relationship has evolved for the better.