I’ve never been much of a drinker. A few times in my life, I’ve tried to find a local bar where I could hangout and meet folks in the neighborhood. Back in 2004, I gravitated to dive bars like Sweet Ups. It was only a few blocks from my apartment at the time, but this venture was short lived. After two or three beers, I was done for the night, and the nights I went, weeknights, there weren’t many people to talk to. I made friends through graduate school, which led me to playing in a kickball league, which led me to drinking my two or three beers at other bars with people that I already knew.

I drew the exterior of Sweet Ups in 2004. The moon was drawn for Super Duper Ham: Day One, between then and 2009. The two were collaged together in 2011 and painted in 2015.