Collages - Momentos

85TH ST APT 02

The figure and background elements of this collage were drawn in 2003 for my thesis project in graduate school that explored how interactive layouts and content-based design could create specific and unique reading experiences in digital comics. 

Coming up with stories to illustrate was difficult for me. I was on a deadline, so I decided to make a series of abstract shorts, focusing on moments and moods. I used the blind contour drawing technique to render my initial sketch and only looked at who or what I was drawing, but not at the paper I was drawing on, but I did look at the paper while going over my line work and adding shadows in ink.

After I graduated, I turned my interactive, digital comics into a collection of single-page, print comics called Momentos. This one was called Lacking and is about having writer’s block. 

I made this collage in 2011.