I drew this image of my then girlfriend sitting on our futon in our living room back in 2003 for my thesis project in graduate school. My project explored how interactive layouts and content-based design could create specific and unique reading experiences in digital comics. My pencil drawing was made using the blind contour technique, where I looked at what I was drawing, but not the paper I was drawing on. I later looked at the paper while rendering the image in ink. The image was scanned into the computer and imported into Flash, where I designed and programmed the user interface and interactivity.

In 2011, I used white paint to attach the planet and moon and darkened some lines with a pen. The planet was panel art from my 2010 comic Martian Debut. The moon was panel art from my 2009 comic Super Duper Ham: Day One. I revisited the collage in 2015 to add some color.