Collages - Momentos

85TH ST APT 10

I drew this floor detail for a comic I never finished in 2003. It was about a miniature devil-man who appears in a New York apartment, only to be toyed with and consumed by a house-cat. I’m not sure if I still have the original devil-man drawings, but I repurposed the poses for the falling scene in my 2009 comic, Flying Solo.

For a couple of years, I collected plastic figures of different animals to be used as references for characters in my Super Duper Ham comics. This turtle was one of the first I got. I still have many of them in a box in my studio, waiting for the day that I will start working on that project again. This turtle, however, played a big part in Flying Solo.

The two images were collaged together in 2011, with some additional paint and ink.