Collages - Flying Solo


I drew both of these images (the figure and the hands) between 2005 and 2009. The figure was drawn for panels 6 and 7 on page 9 of Flying Solo. I made a sequence of blind-contour sketches while looking at myself in the mirror. I think I was trying to suck in my gut and channel Egon Schiele.

Advertising work can be fun. It can pay well. But it can also be chaotic and demanding. I’ve had a variety of experiences. Some agencies mismanage or outright abuse their designers. Others are collaborative and supportive. While working for one of the former, I found the repetitious task of drawing all these circles to be a relaxing, meditative activity. I traced the shadow of my hand while counting down on my fingers, for the sole purpose of filling in parts of the image with circles.

The collage was made in 2011. 

I added the color yellow in 2015.