Collages - Flying Solo


The figure in the foreground of this collage was drawn for panel art in my 2009 comic Flying Solo. You can find it in panel 8 on page 12 and panel 1 on page 13.

The original inspiration for this pose was a drawing I made of Daredevil several years before. That original drawing became the background of this collage. I used white paint to adhere the three pictures together, which caused the blue ink on the background to bleed, which was a happy accident.

The figure at the top of the collage is my mom. She played a key role in my 2010 comic Martian Debut. I drew this image of her legs for panel 1 on page 35.

I had the entire comic worked out in a sketchbook, which I used as a guide when photographing my models. I showed them the shot I was trying to get and then explained what was happening and how they would be feeling in that moment. Most people I know live busy lives, so I had to be strategic about when I arranged photo sessions. We shot all the reference I needed for about 16 pages during one afternoon while my parents were up from Maryland to visit my sister in New York.