Collages - Flying Solo

CROWN 03 A & B

For my early comics, I designed the covers after I had finished the interior pages. I really liked this image of the idealized man falling during a scene on pages 12 and 13 of Flying Solo. I thought this image, coupled with the title, would make a bold cover. Maybe it would make potential readers wonder – Is he falling uncontrollably? Is he somersaulting through the air?

I traced the original drawing and then rendered more details when I inked it in. You may notice that my idealized man only has only four toes on his right foot. I honestly didn’t notice until I had printed the comic in 2009, but he’s missing the toe in both drawings, so he might not be that ideal.

The collage was made in 2011. The background image was originally drawn for panels 10 and 11 on page 1 of Flying Solo.

I added color with markers, some white paint and some additional ink in 2015.