Odds and Ends


The Early Years Collected was self-published in 2011. The artichoke graphic was what I used on all my marketing materials at the time. When it came time to reprint the book, I started to rethink how I presented this collection of comics, which resulted in a name change and a full redesign of the book.

Sketches and Streams was self-published in 2012. The new cover featured Super Duper Ham, a character in one of the comics. Between work, life and other projects, it took me several years to complete that comic and by the end, I had started rethink the designs of my characters. As soon as the comic was finished, I drew this image of SDH to see what a more serious take would look like. I needed something for the cover art and decided to use this. The title treatment was designed by Christine Lee and the diagonal white lines wrapped around the cover.

I published a 2nd Edition of Sketches and Streams in 2014 to include some new work. I tweaked the title treatment a bit and put a self-portrait on the cover. A year later, I decided to take a few years off from self-publishing and conventions to focus on writing some new material. It is now 2021 and I’m getting back into the game.

For my 3rd edition of Sketches and Streams, I decided to take a more thoughtful approach to the cover art. I took an element from the covers of all the comics inside and made this digital collage. You can see part of the 2nd edition cover at the bottom. That’s because I reused most of that book’s cover design for this book’s title page. I thought it might be a fun reveal and a heads-up to folks that bought the 2nd edition. This is a newly designed book, but the comics content is essentially the same.