Collages - Super Duper Ham: Day One


This image comes from a scene that was cut from Super Duper Ham: Day One.

After Gorkilla falls into the hole he smashed into the ground, SDH flies down to retrieve him. Batricia is a small vampire bat who lives underground. She has long, thin arms and wears a long flowing dress to hide the fact that she has short, stumpy legs. When Gorkilla goes to attack SDH in a tunnel under the Mammapolis street, Batricia intervenes and sucks all the blood out of his body with lightening speed. She then tries to introduce herself to SDH, but he is horrified by what Batricia did to Gorkilla. This hurts Batricia’s feelings and she flies away into the darkness.

I decided to cut this scene because it made the Gorkilla encounter run a bit long and it felt like it was too complex of a situation for SDH to be encountering at this point in the story. The design of the Batricia character was inspired by the stop motion puppets created for Aardman’s Wallace and Gromit.

The collage was made in 2011.