Collages - Super Duper Ham: Day One


I created Gearaffe for my 2009 comic Super Duper Ham: Day One. His suit was inspired by an action figure based on Sean Galloway’s design for Hellboy in Hellboy Animated. The glass helmet was a nod to Mike Mignola’s design for his character Herman Von Klempt in the Hellboy comics.

Gearaffe was a vigilante who would act first and then think about what he has done later. His aggressive, impulsive behavior causes him to make poor decisions. When I return to this material, I look forward to redesigning his suit and exploring its origin, as well as further developing the character.

This image of Gearaffe was originally drawn for panel 3 on page 28 ofSuper Duper Ham: Day One. This 2011 collage also uses some unused artwork created for page 1 of my 2009 comic Flying Solo.

I added color in 2015.