Collages - Super Duper Ham: Day One

SDH 03 A & B

This is an unused image of SDH that I originally drew for a scene with Batricia in my 2009 comicĀ Super Duper Ham: Day One. The pounded ground was drawn for panel 2 on page 19.

The two images were collaged together with white paint and some ink in 2011.

I added color in 2015.

I just noticed the color scheme of SDH matches that of One-Punch Man, which was published as a manga in 2009 and appeared on Netflix in 2016, where I saw it for the first time. Did we have the same idea? Or maybe I saw something of the manga and forgot about it?

The red and yellow I used on the original comic cover was inspired by McDonald’s color scheme. The colors in the collage were straight from the tube.