My wife Tanima joined me for my first convention in 7 years. She was a little nervous about doing the hard sale to complete strangers, but she found her groove and did great. By Sunday, we were both exhausted, but managed to attend the Ringo Awards, explore the Inner Harbor and have dinner (and dessert) in Little Italy.

Due to the pandemic, there were fewer tables in Artist Alley, but the show was well organized, every precaution was taken, everyone kept their masks on and we felt comfortable in the space. There were fewer people attending the show than what I remember from previous years, I’m sure because of the pandemic, but we were also competing with TFcon and a Ravens game.

Like previous shows, I feel that our sales reflected the effort we put into getting people to come over to the table and letting us pitch the books to them. Utopian Musings, an illustrated book of poetry, was the best seller. The new cover for Sketches and Streams was well received, but Cut and Pasted, not so much. If I reprint this sketchbook, maybe in color, I might revert to the original cover, we’ll see.