I originally drew this lion for panels 5 and 6 on page 10 my 2010 comic Martian Debut, but I ended up using a drawing of a lioness that was a better fit for the panel layout.

In 2011, when I decided to make collages out of my panel art, this became my first experiment. I wanted to coat everything in white paint and play with how the paint would warp the cut out drawings.

I showed and sold some of these collages at comic conventions and I kept getting asked the same question: Why is everything I make in black and white? My comics were made and printed in black and white to reduce production time and printing costs. But my collages? I could afford to add some color there.

So, in 2015, I spent about a week revisiting my finished collages, adding various amounts of color to a bunch of them. In these posts, when I’m able, I’m showing the original collage and the colored update.