It was 1995. I took a photo class my freshman year in college and one of our first assignments was to make a series of self portraits. Sarah lived down the hall. I grabbed some props from the random stuff I had and she took some pictures of me. I’m not sure why I took my shirt off and wrapped my head in paper towels, but that’s just what I did.

I went over this print with a marker and paint. I used scotch tape to remove some of what was added. What I ended up with felt like an idiotic clown attempting a misguided dress-up. So I added the red nose.

I cut out the figure in 2011 to create this collage, attacking it to a printout of a digital collage with white paint. The original drawing of the lioness was used in my Lioness 02 collage. The inverted landscape was originally drawn for panel 1 on page 8 of my 2010 comic Martian Debut.