Character Design


Fernando is a Spanish Super Rabbit I created for my comic Blanco y Negro. After the death of Awesome and Oops’ parents, Fernando, named by Awesome, becomes a parental figure to the two children.

The young inventor Oops builds Fernando several humanoid, robotic suits to facilitate how he engages in the human-centric world around him. The head on this one can be removed, allowing Fernando to be elevated from the control center in its chest.

Fernando sits within a control center in the robotic action suit’s chest. The texture on the palms of the gloves and the pads of the boots allow him to stick to and climb any surface. The bulbous eyes have multiple color-coded settings to see different visual spectrums. The suit also features a limited camouflage capabilities that renders the surrounding environment, provided that Fernando remains completely still.

My inspiration for this design was Spider-Man. I tried to come up with a mask that would be similarly iconic and let the rest of the suit flow from there. Ideally, the simplicity of the body/boots would allow me to play with transparency effects and the figure would also look good when he appears in motion or small in a larger panel.

My inspiration for Fernando’s battle suit was Revoltech’s Mr. Incredible figure. I liked the proportions, the deflective quality of the smooth surfaces and the toyetic design. (This battle suit would have been designed by the young Oops.)

When I return to this project, I’ll do more to make it different from the Revoltech figure. One element that I plan to keep are the recessed eyes, which are meant to contrast the bubble-eyes of Fernando’s action suit.