Character Design


In my project, The Amazing Adventures of Awesome and Oops, Oops is an intuitive, imaginative and whimsical inventor. While Oops spends much of his time in his laboratory, his sister Awesome and father Fernando often go out on dangerous adventures. Wanting to keep them safe, Oops tries to develop avatars that could be remotely controlled via networked helmets from the safety of their home.

Inspired by The Wizard of Oz, his first prototype is a winged monkey – rubber skin around rubber muscles around rubber bones… Of course when Oops takes his prototype for a test run, not everything goes according to plan.

I played around with various cartoony approaches to this character. This version was very much off the mark for me, but I felt if was good to explore.

In this version, RRM wears a furry suit over his red rubber body. I played around with line thickness on his tail as a means of showing an exaggerated depth of field.