Character Design


I introduced my concept for Mars and its Martians in my 2010 comic Martian Debut. You can see the development process for the Martians here. The sequel to this comic is a project that I just haven’t been able to get around to working on and ultimately, it got woven into a tapestry I call The Amazing Adventures of Awesome and Oops.

In the meantime, here is a preview of where I see the story going. At the end of Martian Debut, the US government don’t understand the Martians’ benevolent presence and view it as a hostile invasion. First they figure out how to trap a Martian and study it, then they launch a nuclear attack on Mars. It retreats, with all its Martians except for one the one captured, to somewhere humanity cannot follow. Awesome, Oops and Fernando discover this last Martian and set out to rescue and release it.

Since Mars’ retreat, the Martian, for the first time, finds itself cut off from the network that sustained it and kept it in constant mental contact with its parent and all its siblings. Now the Martian is alone in a hostile world, it is starving and it experiences something new – a very human desire lash out at those that hurt it.

The Martian adopts a human form, Martia, as it goes down its new path, one that might lead to retribution or revenge. Awesome, Oops and Fernando desperately seek to find Martia, fearing that they have let loose what might have become an insatiable killer.