Character Design


Raul Cima was introduced in my 2013 comic Blanco y Negro as the man behind the scenes. Raul’s father is a scientific genius and the apex of masculinity. By comparison, Raul is the spoiled, yet bitter, dim runt in the family.

Unable to escape his father’s shadow, Raul works at his father’s company, GenĂ©tica Nueva, where he supervises the accidental creation of Spanish Super Rabbits. At first, Raul only sees the money to be made from potential human application. But then the two specimens are stolen. And then he loses the use of his legs in a motorcycle accident. Raul no longer cares about money, he wants to be fixed, more than fixed, he wants to be better than his father, he wants to be Super.

In The Amazing Adventures of Awesome and Oops, Raul is part of an informal group of people called The Appropriators. These individuals steal, buy, or supervise other people’s creations and claim them as their own.