I originally conceived this troll design for The Amazing Adventures of Awesome and Oops around 2013. But since then, I decided it would have a better, if not simply another, use elsewhere.

In my illustrated poetry book Utopian Musings, my character Guillermo Ribera is an avid comic book reader. As I move forward with turning this material into a comic book series, I need to show the comics that Guillermo is reading.

So far, I’ve come up with a fantasy comic, inspired by The Masters of the Universe and Krull, called Skyscraper Mountain.

In this comic within a comic, traditional fantasy characters like sprites, elves, trolls, etc. will geometric head-plates, similar to petal-like keratinous plates that grow out of cuticles above the eyes of characters in Utopian Musings. These ape-like trolls have mask-like faces that widen and narrow as a means of displaying a limited range of facial expressions.

I drew this picture to play around with proportions of a troll, giving it a big top and little bottom. I don’t like how thin I made the legs – they could never support the rest of the body. If I keep in this direction, I’ll have to make the legs thick like chopped tree trunks and add in some design elements to make the bottom half look less naked.

I was also playing around with the idea that the trolls’ bodies are hollow shells that take shape around their gaseous spirits. The visor-like opening in their face would allow others to see this.

I included the sprite because I liked drawing these little guys.