Oops is Awesome’s little brother. The Super Rabbit Serum passed to him through his mother, gifting him with green eyes, super strength, healing and intelligence, but it also slowed down how he ages. Oops is an avid inventor. He creates the various suits and gadgets his family uses during their adventures, but his creations rarely work exactly as he planned, leading to many happy accidents.

Oops’ existence is a carefully guarded secret and he longs to explore the world outside the family home and his underground laboratory. Inspirations for the character include Dexter (Dexter’s Laboratory), Doctor Who and Joy (Inside Out).

While his sister Awesome wishes to embrace a life in the community around their home and Fernando is out at work, Oops is largely left to his own devices in his laboratory. When he’s unsupervised, he eats what he wants and wears what he wants.

One of my first comics was Super Duper Ham: Day One. In The Amazing Adventures of Awesome and Oops, Super Duper Ham will be Oops’ favorite cartoon show and he will wear SDH t-shirts, pajamas and costumes.