Spectrum City moves like
a kaleidoscope. Yeah!
It pulls us in, swirls us
around and around and

we mix and we mingle
and we sing and we dance.
The pulse of the city
pumps us up. Up. Up! UP!

There is no end in sight.
Upside down, inside out,
we just go with the flow,
in and out of the dark.

Spectrum City! You look so good!
I like it when you look at me.

Spectrum City! You sound so good!
I like to listen to you sing.

Just take a look at all
the individuals
sharing this space and time.
Go on. Give them a smile.

See? Some are like mirrors,
others are like windows.
Some are familiar,
others are strange and new.

We can experience
things we don’t understand
and learn about ourselves,
or let them pass us by.

Spectrum City! You smell so good,
I like it when you’re close to me.

Spectrum City! You taste so good,
just like you do in all my dreams.

Let’s explore the buildings,
streets and parks. Come with me,
fall and fly, our fingers
intertwined. Days and nights.

The world spins. The sky spins.
Wait your turn. Take your turn.
We are all alive and
everyone should know it.

We’re happy and at home,
in perfect harmony
with all of our neighbors
and the cost of living.

Spectrum City! You feel so good!
I’m never going to want to sleep.

Spectrum City! You feel so good!
I’m never going to want to leave.