We made it this far, all on our own.
Across the country. Around the world.
We see the city from a distance
and we wonder what waits for us there.

At the bus station and at the airport.
I take the subway. You take a cab.
We find neighborhoods that feel like home.
But eventually, we relocate…

…to the parts of town that cater to
the individuals we want to be.
We both work hard to follow our dreams,
learning our strengths and weaknesses.

I am the luckiest.
I am the luckiest boy I know.

Every failure and every success,
every twist and every turn in the
path I’ve taken has led me to you.
And I’m smart enough to say hello.

My name is Carlo. Yours is Nadee.
We talk for hours for the first time.
We do it again later that week
while exploring parks in the city.

Our lives have been so different, but
our values are very much the same.
We have no interest in playing games,
needless drama or keeping secrets.

I am the luckiest.
I am the luckiest man I know.

You enable me to be better
than I was when I was on my own.
You support me in the ways I need
and surprise me in the ways I want.

We fit together so perfectly.
I can’t imagine this without you.
I love you. I hope you feel the same.
I say it first and beat you to it.

You move in and then we get married
with all of our friends in attendance.
I never thought I’d be this happy.
I never thought I’d feel this complete.

I am the luckiest.
I am the luckiest one I know.